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Cope with female infertility, as well as the troubles you may face while pregnant.

Treat Infertility and Prevent Miscarriage

Dr. Alex Joseph is the obstetrician to trust when it comes to your pregnancy problems. At Women's Health Care Ob-Gyn in Oakdale, Louisiana, I will help you cope with female infertility, as well as the troubles you may face while pregnant.

Female Sterility

Couples do understand that after one year of trying to conceive a child and the woman does not get pregnant, it is already time to consult a physician for help. Sometimes, this also happens to women who have irregular menstrual cycles or to women older than 35. To better understand your gynecological health conditions, like infertility or sterility, turn to me and I will help you have a healthy conception.

Impaired Fecundity

Aside from infertility, impaired fecundity can also be related to a woman's infertile egg. This condition refers to a woman's difficulty of getting pregnant or carrying a pregnancy through its 9th month. For this reason, I can also help women experiencing recurrent pregnancy loss or miscarriage since it is a component of impaired fecundity. Those who have encountered two or more spontaneous miscarriages should consult an ob-gyn as soon as possible.

Causes of Infertility

Before deciding to conceive, couples should be aware of the conditions that can contribute to infertility. Some of these conditions include anovulation or dysfunctional ovaries, blocked or swollen fallopian tubes, and uterine contour abnormalities. These ailments can be prevented or treated as early as preconception.